a proactive, integrated practice that

Creates Customized Health Solutions

We use evidence-based solutions to reverse the aging process rather than wait for our patients to become ill with chronic, degenerative conditions.

Our Services

Offering a different take on concierge medicine Apprize is more than a referral source, it offers true preventive medicine with state-of-the-art treatments. Apprize takes an active role in disease prevention and improving patients' health using tailored, cutting-edge treatments.



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Integrative Care

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Weight Management

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South Florida’s New Innovative and Personalized Longevity Health and Anti-Aging Destination.

We're not just about making sure you're healthy here—our goal is to have our clients live until they are 11O years old, to feel like Superman or Superwoman," says Dr. Sundeep Singh, partner of Apprize Medical (apprizemed.com). Founded by Dr. Matthew Cooper, Apprize Medical is a proactive and integrated practice that focuses on longevity health. Rather than just testing for basic issues, Singh and his skilled team dig into the root of the body using a multitargeted approach. The end result? The ultimate prize: your health (get it?).Our patients refuse to wait until they fall ill to chronic degenerative disease. They prefer to be proactive and take charge of their health," says Cooper. "We are filling the void in the marketplace by having a team of doctors that have ability to offer unique health solutions that can slow down the normal aging process."

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Comprehensive Examination

Have thorough and detailed physical examinations with our advanced laboratory testing and diagnosis.


Treatment for Chronic Conditions

We apply the latest in functional medicine that addresses the underlying causes of chronic conditions.


Access to our Network of Providers

We refer our patients to the top specialists.


Personalized Health Care

Our experts and Specialists give individual attention and personalized care to every patient.


Customized Health Solutions

We provide customized and individualized treatment options with preventative and proactive medicine.

Our Approach

What Makes Us Stand Out

Our approach to treating various health problems depends on combining modern and conventional medicine. Unlike other medical doctors, we conduct in-depth screening and examination of our patients before offering them a treatment plan.

At Apprize, we stay in touch with our patients throughout the year and measure their recovery rate while offering constant support. We also modify the treatment plans after analyzing the patient's health goals to help them achieve these goals on time.


Our patients refuse to wait until they fall ill with chronic degenerative disease. They prefer to be proactive and take charge of their health. We are filling a void in the marketplace by having a team of doctors that have the ability to offer unique health solutions that can slow down the normal aging process.

Medical Director, Dr. Sudeep Singh

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A Five-Star Patient Experience

Alex Wertheim
Alex Wertheim
Apprize Medical is hands down the best doctors office I have ever been. They make you feel like you are there only patient and are in no rush to get you out of the door. Doctor Singh is a very special person and goes above and beyond the normal call of duty to take care of his patients. I am extremely happy to be a patient of this practice. I highly recommend that if you want the best doctors care in town, come get a consultation with Doctor Singh.
Madeleine C
Madeleine C
I went to Briege for filler and Botox and couldn’t be happier with my results! It was essentially pain-free because of the medical grade topical lidocaine she used to numb me, and she gave me exactly what I asked for. I couldn’t recommend her enough. The front desk staff was also very kind and helpful.
Andy Alvarez
Andy Alvarez
Dr. Singh is knowledgeable and really cares about the well being of his patients. Gustavo brings experience and expertise and it really shows. The front desk was professional and that’s greatly appreciated.