About Us


Sunshine Wellness Center

Welcome to The Sunshine Center. We are so glad to have you here. Here, we aim to bring sunshine and rainbows back into your life through something as simple as intravenous infusions that are jam packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and light. We want to see your smile return, and that joyful laugh you weren’t sure would be possible again.

We specialize in treating the family as a whole. That is why we offer IV packages that you can use for your whole family ( friends included) and memberships that come with perks.



UBI has helped and greatly reduced severity of symptoms quick as 1 to 2 treatments. From acute viral infections to antibiotic resistant bacterial infections to chronic and degenerative diseases and to moribund patients have seen significant improvement.



UBI has been in use for over 80 years. There are over 200 clinical trials which used UBI have repeatedly seen great results with its use. Millions of UBI treatments have been administered worldwide with no reports of significant adverse effects.



Depending on the nature and severity of infection, many patients feel their symptoms subside after the 1st treatment.



Compared to the costs of standard care, long hospital stays, undesired side effects, time off work, and time spent healing, UBI is a relatively quick and inexpensive treatment.


Meet Rebeca Shearer

Founder, Family Nurse Practitioner, Nutritionist

The Sunshine Center was founded by Rebeca Shearer. She became interested in nutrition and herbs as a young child going for walks with her grandmother who would point out to the different plants and what looked like weeds, calling them medicinal. This sparked up her curiosity in learning more about herbs. Soon after high-school, she enrolled in a nutrition program where she learned about nutrition, herbs, and holistic living. At the same time, she started college to become an RN. Rebeca found out right away the hospital was not the place she wanted to spend her days at. After graduating, God provided the perfect marriage of work at The Johnson Center. She has worked for The Johnson Center for over a decade and continues to be a part of their team. There, she learned much about functional medicine and intravenous infusions.

In late 2021, a near and dear uncle got gravely ill and at one point, was admitted into the hospital. In search for different therapies, Rebeca found out about Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation (UVBI). The benefits, low risk, and success to this treatment modality were beyond fascinating. Searching for a clinic to provide this treatment to her uncle proved to be impossible and he eventually passed away in the hospital.

Vowing to not be the same, but to be a source of hope and light to those in need, Rebeca learned and was trained in UVBI and Ozone therapies. With that, she opened up The Sunshine Center, to help people just like you.