When Healthcare Crises Hit, Who is Advocating for You?

Often times for seniors, healthcare is needed in crisis mode. Who do you turn to for answers when healthcare professionals are often focusing in their own lanes of their expertise?

Freedom from a Wrongful Conviction After 34 Years in Prison

Meet Ben and Deedee Spencer and hear their incredible journey of how they persevered through 3 decades of a prison sentence while always declaring his innocence.

Nutrition is Life—What ‘They’ Aren’t Telling Us

Biased ‘studies’ paid for by special interests on medications and nutrition have created catastrophic health results. On today’s show, we are interviewing Liz James a ‘reformed’ pharmacist

Chronic Illnesses Can Be a Prison, Even Worse When You Are Actually a Prisoner

While improving, the healthcare system isn’t really set up to take are of chronically ill senior patients.

Punching Back on Parkinson’s Disease

Approximately 1 million Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. That number is growing by nearly 90,000 annually. Austen and Mallory Spoonts are our guests today and talking about their unique approach to combatting this disease.

A Step Back in Time: The History of Hansen's Disease

Best Selling Author and Research Nurse, Amanda Skenandore, shares her latest book, The Second Life of Muriel West, the story of a high society woman in Hollywood diagnosed with leprosy.

The Fountain of Youth Isn’t So Hidden After All

We’re living in an age where length of life has more than doubled in the last 200 years. Medical advancements, better nutrition as well as technology have continued to extend our lives.

Hospice and Palliative Care Confusions

What are other options when older bodies have multiple health issues and current treatments are producing little to no improvement? And what are some of the causes for confusion around these options?

Big, Medium or Small…Which is the Best Assisted Living Setting for You or Your Loved One?

There are a ton of options, both large and small for senior care in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Sage Oak of Denton is a blending of the best of both worlds. They offer a resident and staff-focused approach to care for older adults

The Truth About Medicare Advantage Plans—From a Provider’s Perspective

Nearly every day we receive calls from concerned family members and seniors themselves about their Medicare Advantage plans. Often times, what they were told, or what they thought they were, doesn’t match up to the reality once they need healthcare services.

Sexual Abuse in the Nursing Home Setting—How Do We Protect Our Vulnerable Seniors?

There are a ton of options, both large and small for senior care in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Sage Oak of Denton is a blending of the best of both worlds. They offer a resident and staff-focused approach to care for older adults

How Music Enrichment Can Be the Best Medicine for the Soul

Watch as Daisy Winter with Good Shepherd Hospice uses music to improve communication and conversation with those suffering with terminal illnesses.

Caregiver Skills are Crucial for an Aging Population

Today’s guest, Emilia Bourland, OT joins us to discuss the challenges caregivers face and ways to support and educate them in order to reduce their stress as well as improve their patients’/clients’ outcomes.

Taking Steps in Their Shoes: Simulating Dementia for Healthcare Providers and Families

Dementia Live® is a high impact, dementia simulation experience that immerses participants into life with dementia, resulting in a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with cognitive impairment and sensory change.

Everything "Senior" at your Fingertips

Elder Care Concierge is the one-stop shop for questions and answers related to everything senior care. We find best practices in all areas of healthcare and connect with the consumer.

Role of Nutrition in Cognition and Functional Decline

As people age, a change in the appetite can be normal because the metabolism slows as does the activity level, which means the body needs fewer calories

Fall Rates Are on the Rise

Over 3 million seniors are treated in ERs every year for falls. Many will have profound side effects from them that will impact the quality of their daily lives.

No One Dies Alone

Listen to Dr. Christian Alch, from the Cleveland Clinic, discuss the volunteer program, No One Dies Alone. This program focuses on providing 1-on-1 emotional companionship in the last 48-72 hours of life.

4 Keys to Managing Medical Conditions

Medicare estimates that 2/3 hospitalizations are preventable. And the costs are nearing $20 billion. There are 4 keys to effective management of chronic conditions.

Healthspan vs Lifespan... Principles of Longevity

Most people when asked would prefer to live a longer life. However, an important factor with aging should be quality of life.

When Fatigue Leads to Death

Study finds that older people who report feeling run down are more likely to die within 2 1/2 years. On today's show, we discuss this, the importance of dementia screening, and caregiver training.

Our Proven Process

Evaluate Risk

Our clinical specialists use our proprietary risk scoring system to evaluate over 100 indicators to determine the likelihood of a senior's success.

Design Proactive Recovery Plan

Based on the comprehensive risk assessment, our clinical team designs a detailed and customized care plan focused on long-term success.

Deliver Collaborative Care

The clinical team collaborates with ALL necessary parties in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

System Reinforcement

Self-reinforcing systems are implemented across our organization to ensure consistency and repeatability.