We are seeing promising results here at Kellum Stem Cell Institute

New research suggests potential for improved cognitive ability and behavior. More focus and attention.

As the parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder, you know each day means facing unexpected challenges and that no days are alike. Some days may lift your spirit as you see improvements in communicating and behavior. Other days, however, may be filled with seemingly random tantrums and poor social interaction that make it feel like little future progress is possible.

Yes, it’s frustrating. But advanced cell therapy with Stem Cells offers new hope to families impacted by autism.


Stem Cell Therapy Can Help

Ease inflammation throughout the body that aggravates symptoms of autism.
Promote healing of nervous system tissue that can improve behavior and enhance attention and focus even months after treatment.

Improve memory and learning to help emotional and mental development—at any age.

Advanced Therapy Options: New Hope for Children with ASD

Discover how therapy can potentially help improve cognitive ability and clarity of thought, develop more expressive language and more patience—to offer your child a brighter future.Our medical team takes pride in our reputation for collaborating with other scientists worldwide on research studies and established scientific publications.
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Autism Therapy Testimonials

"We have seen profound improvements in our son’s communication skills since his treatments at the Kellum Stem Cell Institute. His teachers are amazed at his interaction with the class and his new ability to focus on his work. Two weeks after his first treatment, an event that would have normally ended in a meltdown was avoided by him simply saying "mom, this is very important." There has also been significant improvement in his ability to effectively demonstrate his emotions as well; often, it seems he is truly feeling and understanding them for the first time ever. Small victories are celebrated every day."

- Victoria

“Just a few days after my son received the initial treatment at Kellum Stem Cell Institute, I walked in the house after coming home from the store and my son ran up to me and yelled “mommy!” and gave me a hug. He’s never called me mommy before, so it was a huge moment for us.”

- Olivia T.

"We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to help our son thrive. We’ve already seen a huge improvement in basic life skills that were missing before. Hearing him hum along and try to sing songs, engage more with us when we speak to him, and even trying new things that test his special awareness. Wow! What a humbling gift as parents. We truly can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things our son will do with the help of stem cell therapy at Kellum Stem Cell Institute."

- Emily H

"It’s been a year since his first infusion, and we are thrilled with the gains we have seen. He’s able to communicate better, his eye contact has drastically improved, and he’s even able to hold a conversation with us. The sweetest part is seeing him connect with us and his friends on a deeper level. We will forever be grateful for the impact that stem cell therapy has made for our son!"

- Jessica